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How to Organize Your Craft Supplies


If you are anything like me, you tend to have more crafting supplies than you have space. To help with storing and organizing your supplies, I thought I would share some of my favorite storage solutions and also some other unique storage ideas I ran across. If you don't need any storage help, think of how happy a crafter would be to get some of these items as a gift!

1. Plastic Storage Totes

Plastic Storage Totes
I think these are probably a more obvious choice. I have several larger ones I use for storing fabric and other bulkier items. I use smaller plastic totes for holding whatever project I am currently working on; this keeps the project handy for taking it with me and everything I need is kept together in one spot. They stack nicely in closets and other spaces and keep things dry and clean.
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2. Multi-Compartment Storage Boxes

Multi-Compartment Storage Boxes
These can usually be found at most stores in with the tools and hardware. In most instances they are sold to hold small hardware items (nuts, bolts, ect.) but I use them for sorting craft supplies! My favorite use? I use one for my button collection - I can easily store buttons sorted by color, shape, ect. An added bonus, the kids usually love helping with the sorting process!
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3. Mobile Work Box

Mobile Work Box
My family thought I was crazy the year I asked for a mobile toolbox for Christmas! I use mine to store and transport all my sewing and quilting supplies. There are small compartments and larger compartments, perfect for holding everything from needles and thread to an iron. To transport my sewing machine, I simply use a small bungie cord and secure it to the top, leaning against the handle.
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4. Drawer Storage System

Drawer Storage System
These plastic mini-dressers are perfect for storing just about anything. They are available in just about any size, from extra wide to tiny. They are easily moved, some even come on wheels. I have several of these and don't know what I would do without them!
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5. Stackable Shelves and Cupboards

Stackable Shelves and Cupboards
Need more shelving? These stackable shelves fit inside most closets and add extra storage space anywhere.They come in different sizes and are all freestanding, sturdy and stackable (I have several). I even use them on my computer desk to add extra shelves for my printer, scanner, ect. They are made of laminated particle board.
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6. Tackle Box

Tackle Box
Transform a fishing tackle box into a great storage box for all your smaller craft supplies. You can find tackle boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes!
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7. Toy Storage Units

Toy Storage Units
Don't overlook the toy section when looking for creative storage ideas. These can be more traditional toy boxes or fancy storage chests or carts with bins and shelves.
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8. Storage Bin Units

Storage Bin Units
There are several larger storage bin units available that are usually used in garages and workshops that are perfect for craft rooms. Not only are they very useful, most are bright and colorful!
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9. Plastic File Storage Crate

Plastic File Storage Crate
Known to some of us as old-fashioned milk crates, these are making a comeback! They can be used separately or stacked to create an entire wall shelving unit! Some are also available on wheels.
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10. Storage Ottoman

Storage Ottoman
This is a fun option if you want an ottoman or have one you want to replace. The top of this ottoman opens to reveal a hollow storage area, and the top can be flipped over to be a solid surface for writing, drawing, painting, ect. It also features 2 outside pockets and locking casters. Measures 20"H x 18"W x 18"D.
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