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Grinch in Chimney Ornament Craft

How to Make a Grinch Craft


Grinch in Chimney Ornament Craft

Grinch in Chimney Ornament Craft

Sherri Osborn
Learn how to make this adorable Christmas tree ornament that looks like the Grinch stuck in a chimney. Perfect to hang in your Christmas tree or give it to a Grinch movie fan.

  • Age Guideline: 6 Years and Up
  • Time Required: 30 minutes (Does not include drying time)

The above age and time guidelines are estimates. This project can be modified to suit other ages and may take more or less time depending on your circumstances.

Materials Needed:

Paint small rectangles onto the film container or pill bottle so they look like bricks. You can also just paint the film container or pill bottle a solid color. Let the paint dry completely.

Cut an 8- to 10-inch piece from the thin ribbon. Fold it in half to form the hanger for the ornament. Glue both ends onto the top, inside edge of the film container or pill bottle.

Glue the cotton balls around the top edge of the film container. Glue the green pom-pom so it is half-in and half-out of the film container. This will be the Grinch's bottom stuck in the chimney.

Cut two 3-inch pieces from the green chenille stem. Glue them to the green pom-pom to look like the Grinch's legs. Bend the bottom part of the leg down to form the feet.

Glue on a ribbon loop and let the glue dry. Hang your ornament on the tree

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