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Legend of The Meaning of Christmas Symbols

Print Out This Christmas Legend


How to Make Felt Ornaments

How to Make Felt Ornaments

Sherri Osborn
This legend explains the meaning of each of 8 different ornaments I provide patterns and directions for in this tutorial. We made the ornaments and then printed out the legend below on fancy Christmas paper. We framed the story and then gave it along with a set of ornaments as gifts.

Please feel free to print this out for your own personal use only. Enjoy!

And Santa whispered, "Teach the children the true meaning of Christmas…"

  • The Star: A heavenly sign of prophecy fulfilled long, long ago- The shining hope of mankind.

  • The Color Red: The first color of Christmas, symbolizing that Savior's sacrifice for all.

  • The Fir Tree: Evergreen- the second color of Christmas shows everlasting light and life. The needles point up to heaven.

  • The Bell: Rings out to guide lost sheep back to the fold, signifying that all are precious in His eyes.

  • The Candle: A mirror of starlight, reflecting our thanks for the star of Bethlehem.

  • The Gift Bow: Tied as we should all be tied together in bonds of goodwill forever.

  • The Candy Cane: Represents the shape of the shepherd's crook, used to bring lost lambs back to the fold.

  • The Wreath: A symbol of the never ending eternal value of love… having no end.

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