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How to Make Turkeys


These turkey crafts are fun to make at Thanksgiving time or any time! Browse through these projects and discover how you can use many creative techniques and supplies to make a variety of turkeys and related crafts.

Clay Pot Turkey

Clay Pot Turkey Craft
Follow these directions and learn how to make a treat cup that looks like a turkey. Fill them with treats and give them to someone special for Thanksgiving or use them as a holiday decoration.

Foot and Hand Turkey

Foot and Hand Turkey Craft
To make these turkey pictures you start out by tracing your shoe onto brown paper to make the turkey's neck and head. Then trace your hands several times on colored paper to be the turkey's tail feathers.

Hand Turkey Thanksgiving Placemat

Hand Turkey Thanksgiving Placemat Craft
Find out how you can make personalized placemats for your Thanksgiving dinner table. This activity is a fun way to keep kids busy while they are waiting to eat.

Paper Plate Turkey

Paper Plate Turkey Craft
This simple turkey is made out of a paper plate and some scraps of paper. This is a fun activity for kids of all ages.

Turkey Wreath

Turkey Wreath Craft
Follow these instructions and learn how to make an adorable wreath for Thanksgiving out of little more than a styrofoam wreath shape, some tulle, and craft foam.

Thanksgiving Hand Print Card

Thanksgiving Hand Print Card
Learn how to make a greeting card that features a colorful turkey. Make one to give to someone special at Thanksgiving.

Turkey Beaded Safety Pin

Turkey Beaded Safety Pin
Download this free bead pattern and you can make a brooch using several safety pins and seed beads.

Turkey Centerpiece

Turkey Centerpiece Craft
Follow these instructions and you can make a turkey using a stuffed paper bag at the body. This tutorial uses a paper lunch bag, but you could make a larger one using a paper shopping bag if you like.

Turkey Cookie Recipe

Turkey Cookie Recipe
Make treats that look like little turkeys using a vanilla wafer cookie and a few different candies.

Turkey Coloring Page

Turkey Coloring Page
Print out this turkey and enjoy coloring him in using all of your favorite colors. Hang it on the fridge once you are done so he can enjoy all of the holiday hoopla.

Turkey Napkin Holder

Turkey Napkin Holder Craft
You can make these toilet paper roll turkeys and then use them to dress up your Thanksgiving dinner table. If you have assigned seating, you can also use them as a place card by writing names on them.

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