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Finding I-Spy Pictures for Your Game Cards
Finding I-Spy Pictures for Your Game Cards

Finding I-Spy Pictures for Your Game Cards

Sherri Osborn
To start making your I-Spy game cards, you need to find pictures of things you might see while you are traveling. I have gathered together pictures of several items you can use. You can print one page or all 4 pages on cardstock.

You can also find your own pictures. You can cut pictures out of travel magazines and glue them onto cardstock pieces cut to be about 4-inches by 4-inches. You can also search for travel related pictures online.

Do image searches using your favorite search engine. While searching for pictures, keep in mind where you are going and what you might possibly see. Will you be traveling more along the countryside or more in big cities? Each scenario might prompt you to look for different pictures. You want to find a nice variety of items that might be seen often and items that might be tougher to see.

The more cards you end up making the more variety you will have when it comes to playing the game. I suggest having at least 6 cards for each person who might play. I would try to find pictures of at least 12 different items. You can use each picture on more than one card, depending on how many cards you end up making.

For example, let say you want to make 24 cards. You can find pictures of 12 different items and feature each item on 2 cards. If you want 36 cards you can simply use each of the 12 items on 3 different cards. Of course, you could also just try to find 24, 36, or however many different items if you prefer.

To make my cards, I found pictures of items online and used a graphic program to re-size them all down so they would fit on a 4-inch by 4-Inch card. Your cards can be any size you like, but you do want to make sure they are all the same size.

Once you have all of your pictures print or cut out and glued down, you can cut out your cards...

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