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Vintage Suitcase to Fashionable Craft Case
Vintage Suitcase Craft

Vintage Suitcase Craft

Sherri Osborn
I have been seeing a lot of vintage suitcases, both old and beaten up and refashioned into new pieces. When I ran across this little gem of a suitcase (the before case above) at a second hand shop for less than $10.00, I knew I had to recycle it!

I could tell it was very sturdy, made out of a thin plywood. The outside of the suitcase was covered in what seemed to be a thick fabric maybe, and it was dirty and stained. All of the hardware worked great; and, even though they were a little discolored, I loved the way they looked. The handle and all of the trim are brown leather. The only real problem I could see was the inside of the suitcase, which had some mildew.

Before I started working on my suitcase, I had to figure out what I wanted to make it into. At first I thought maybe an end table or a pet bed, but then I decided I wanted to keep it as a working case since all of the hardware and the handles were functional and cool! So I decided to transform it into a craft/sewing case.

So now... Just where do you begin on a project like this? Break it down:

Read through both tutorials completely before starting this project for yourself! Once you learn how to make your own craft kit suitcase using the tutorial links above, I hope you will share it with us!

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