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Valentine Coloring Pages

Free Printable Valentine's Day Coloring Pages


Print out and enjoy these free Valentine coloring pages. You can even create your own Valentine's Day coloring book. Find free, printable hearts, flowers, and other related coloring pages. These coloring pages also make great last minute crafts and unique patterns to use for Valentine's Day cards and other projects.

Bear With a Heart

Bear With a Heart Coloring Page
Who could resist printing out this adorable little bear? He will happily deliver any message you right in the over-sized heart.

Blank Conversation Hearts

Blank Conversation Hearts Coloring Page
Candy conversation hearts and Valentine's Day go hand-in-hand as far as I am concerned. Print out these hearts and you can write your own messages.

Conversation Hearts

Conversation Hearts Coloring Page
These conversation hearts are already filled in for you. Color them in and then cut them out and you can give them as Valentines.

Heart and Arrow

Heart and Arrow Coloring
It looks like cupid hit his target on this coloring page.

Heart Balloons

Heart Balloons Coloring Page
If you think plain, round balloons are a lot of fun, you will love coloring these heart shaped balloons.

Heart Butterfly

Heart Butterfly Coloring
This butterfly is dressed in his holiday finest. Encourage your kids to count how many hearts are on it's wings.

Heart Person

Heart Person Coloring
Download and print out this heart picture. Use you imagine and color it in to look like a guy or a gal.

Heart Plant

Heart Plant Coloring
You can use a rainbow of colors to make these heart-shaped flowers or just one or two.

Heart-Shaped Box of Candy

Heart-Shaped Box of Candy Coloring
These might not taste as sweet as the real thing, but they sure can look as good.

Heart Template

Heart Template or Coloring Page
Whether you need a heart shape for another project or just want a simple heart to color, this picture will fit the bill.

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