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Valentine's Day Bingo Game


Free Printable Valentine's Day Bingo Game Cards
Printable Valentine's Day Bingo Game Cards

Printable Valentine's Day Bingo Game Cards

Sherri Osborn
If you are having a party for Valentine's Day, or are in charge of a classroom or youth group celebration, use these free bingo cards to entertain everyone. Print out the game pieces, let everyone construct their game board, and then have fun playing bingo.

Making the Game:

You will need to print out one blank game card and a page of pictures for each player. You can give everyone just the colored pictures, just the black and white pictures, or both.

Each player then cuts out pictures and glues one on each blank square of the game card. You can have them write free on the middle square or they can glue a picture onto it if you prefer not to give everyone a free spot.

You also need to print out an extra set of the pictures for the bingo caller to use. These pictures should also be cut up and placed in a bowl or similar container.

Finally, you need to cut up small pieces of colored paper to use as game markers, You can also use beans or any other small items.

Playing the Game:

When you play the game, one person will need to be the caller. That person takes one picture at a time out of the bowl and announces what it is while they show it to everyone. Any players that have the picture on their card should then cover it with a marker.

The caller should continue to pull pictures out of the bowl until one of the players gets five covered pictures in a row. That person should then call out BINGO. The game then stops while the bingo is verified. If it is a true bingo, the game ends and you can start a new one. If you prefer, you can continue playing the same game and have all of the players try to get a double bingo (2 bingos on the same card) or even a full card (all the pictures covered).

I hope you enjoy playing Valentine's Day bingo. If you are looking for more Valentine's Day party fun, check out these Valentine's Day Crafts and Activities.

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