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Umbrella Picture

Make a Picture Using Paper Baking Cups


Umbrella Picture

Umbrella Picture

Sherri Osborn
Make this umbrella picture using baking cups and chenille stems. This is a fun rainy day craft.

Materials Needed:

Draw or paint a picture of what it looks like when it is raining outside. You can make it so it is just rain drops all over the paper, or you can make a whole scene with clouds, people, etc. Use your imagination!

Once you get your picture drawn, you can make umbrellas on it. Cut a baking cup in half, round off the edge that you cut so it is the shape of an umbrella. Cup and shape the chenille stems to look like the umbrella handles (if you do not have chenille stems, you can just draw the handle on your paper). Glue your umbrellas onto your drawing, making sure you glue down the handle first and then make the baking cup umbrella slightly overlap the handle.

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