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Cardstock CD Holder Pocket Craft


How to Make a CD Holder Using Cardstock
Cardstock CD Holder Pocket Craft

Cardstock CD Holder Pocket Craft

My daughter made special music CDs to give as favors to guests at her wedding. Of course, the CDs needed to be housed in a fancy CD holder sporting the wedding colors. You can make your own cardstock CD holder for any occasion.

Materials Needed:

Trim a piece of cardstock down to 6" x 10". We used a 12" x 12" piece of black cardstock to make 2 cd holders. Simply trim 2 inches off of one edge and then cut it in half so you get two 6" x 10".

Fold up one of the long ends about 4-inches. Secure that piece in place by using two brads near each edge. A CD should now be able to slide into the pocket you created, between the two brads.

Now you can decorate your CD holder pocket however you like. For my daughter's wedding CDs, she cut a strip of yellow polka dotted paper and used glue dots to stick it to the front of the CD holder. She then printed out their initial/Names in a fancy square, and also a list of all of the songs on the CD. She cut out both items and stuck them to the CD holder using glue dots (the play list is on the back of the CD holder).

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