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Toilet Paper Roll Cuff Bracelet

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By Kathy Miller

Toilet Paper Roll Cuff Bracelet

Name of Project

Toilet Paper Roll Cuff Bracelet

Ages This Project is Suitable For

9 +

Approximate Time Required to Complete This Project

1 Hr.

Materials Needed

Toilet paper roll

scrap fabric

scrap trim, ribbon, etc.


glue: Aileen's, craft glue, etc.

needle and thread

scissors-straight and pinking


Learn how you can make a fun bracelet out of a toilet paper roll.

Cut toilet paper tube lengthwise, one cut.

Cut a 2" length of tube for cuff.

cut scrap fabric 3" wide and 1" longer than tube is when flattened out

glue outside of tube and lay fabric over it, fold over edges and glue.

Take contrasting fabric and pink or deckle edges 1/2" smaller than tube dimensions and glue to inside for a finished look.

Cut length of trim, fur, gimp, braid, or ribbon and glue to tube.

Measure on wrist to see how much elastic is needed, cut elastic just to fit wrist. Get another scrap fabric and make a tube to fit elastic. To do this, cut a length of fabric 2 times longer and 2-!/2 times wider than elastic. Sew, right sides together lengthwise, turn right side out and insert elastic. Gather fabric sleeve, sew ends to each side of tube cuff to finish, making sure to secure elastic, fabric and tube.

This cuff can be further decorated with beading or buttons, etc.

Tips and Tricks

  • leave ends of inside finish fabric open to slide elastic between for a nice finished look.
  • Can be hand sewn or machine sewn.

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