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Bouquet of Chenille Roses

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By 2sassy_gal

Bouquet of Chenille Roses

These roses will never wilt...

Name of Project

Bouquet of Chenille Roses

Ages This Project is Suitable For

pre-teens and teens

Approximate Time Required to Complete This Project

One hour

Materials Needed

Chenille stems (red and green)

Curly ribbon (any kind will do)

Tacky glue


1. Take a red chenille stem and start coiling around very tight (it works if you have something thin to wrap it around).

2. Keep the coil very straight and when you get at the end put a dab of Tacky glue to keep it from coming apart.

3. With the green stem, take one of ends and go to the back of the coiled rose and go through one of coiled circles (preferably one that's near the center and slightly curl the end so that it makes a loop.

4. With the rest of the stem, twist it around to make one leaf on one side, then twist it to make the other leaf. The rest of the stem will continue to be straight. It will makes sense when you have the stem in your hand.

5. When you have 4 or 5 stems, gather them together and put a pretty ribbon around the stems and tie them together.

Tips and Tricks

  • Give this adorable bouquet to someone special at Valentine's Day. For an added effect, spray some rose water on the bouquet.

Sherri Osborn, About.com Family Crafts, says:

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