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Decorate Shamrocks 3 Ways

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By 2sassy_gal

Decorate Shamrocks 3 Ways

Stunning Shamrocks 3 Different Ways

Name of Project

Decorate Shamrocks 3 Ways

Ages This Project is Suitable For

Pre-Teens, Teens

Approximate Time Required to Complete This Project

A few hours to half a day

Materials Needed

Cardboard, Scissors, craft glue, colored markers, glitter, gemstones, coffee filters, pencil with eraser, ribbon, shamrock template (8-inch diameter), smaller shamrock (about 3-inch).


For the first shamrock, I cut circles of coffee filters (several of them). I used a salt shaker as a template and trace around the shaker to make the circles (about 1" in diameter). You can use the sides of the filters also, the ruffles will straight out at the end.

Decorate them any way you want, and then dampen with water slightly so that colors will seep through the filter. Let them dry.

Make dots of glue around the shamrock, get a pencil with a eraser and push the center of the coffee filter with the eraser into the circle of the glue. The rest of the filter will fluff up. Use many filters to cover the shamrock and you have a 3-D groovy shamrock.

For the second Shamrock, take your craft glue and around the border embellish it with gemstones. I used my silver and green gemstones around the border to make it really fancy. I only used four green gemstones at the midpoints.

For the third Shamrock, cut a smaller shamrock and glue it on the middle and shake some green glitter on it, I used mint green glitter.

Put glue around the border also and shake the same glitter around the border.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can embellish your shamrocks any way you want. I only used silver and green gemstones. Seed beads would look great too.

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