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Feed sack grocery bags

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By Beamsmom

Name of Project

Feed sack grocery bags

Ages This Project is Suitable For

10 and up. Any one who can use a sewing machine

Approximate Time Required to Complete This Project

Half hour to 45 minutes.

Materials Needed

Empty 50 pound feed sack (kind chicken mash or pig chow comes in) Woven poly bags are best, but if you can find a real flour sack, great.

sewing machine and thread

Eight metal eyelet kits

scrap cotton fabric or clothes line or crocheted yarn for handles.


Cut the feed sack in two pieces. When I use the chicken chow sack, I make sure the hen is almost the center. Take the stitching off the bottom of the sack. Turn both parts inside out and fold in half, front to back. Stitch this closed. Next determine how much of a bottom you want. To make the bag stand up, stand the bag up, pull the corners out until the bottom is as wide as you want. I use about 4 inches. Stitch across these corners. Don't cut these pieces off. They help to keep the bag standing at the check out counter and reinforce the bottom. Now turn your bag right sides out. Figure out how much of a top you want to fold down. I use the picture and what I'm going to do with it as my guide. Poke the eyelets through each side (two to a side across from each other). Then feed your handle material through the eyelets.

Tips and Tricks

  • Any type of feed sack works, as long as it's poly.
  • Use an old sewing machine needle. It gets kind of gunky.
  • Double stitch the bottom to reinforce it. Or you can reinforce the bottom by adding a scrap of fabric along the seam.
  • I don't cut the corners off the bottom when I make the bottom flat. The more strength there, the better.
  • I've seen these made with button holes for the handles to go through, and with the handles sewn right to the bags.

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