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Pine Cone Christmas Tree

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By Laura Sweney

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Name of Project

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Ages This Project is Suitable For

all ages, kids with the help of a parent

Approximate Time Required to Complete This Project

an hour or two

Materials Needed

Long slim pine cones (around 50 or more), hot glue, spray paint, colored round candy, small garland (I used a star garland)


I glued the pine cones in a circle and kept gluing them on top of each other, until I had the shape of a Christmas tree. I then sprayed painted it green, and hot glued colored candies for the decorations. I put a string of star garland around the tree, and put a gold star on top of the tree.

Tips and Tricks

  • If your children are going to help you hot glue, have a bowl of cold water, if they get the hot glue on their fingers they can cool it off with the cold water. That works well.

Sherri Osborn, About.com Family Crafts, says:

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