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Snow Winter Scenes

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By 2sassy_gal

Snow Winter Scenes

Create a snowy centerpiece

Name of Project

Snow Winter Scenes

Ages This Project is Suitable For

Kids, pre-teens

Approximate Time Required to Complete This Project

An hour or more

Materials Needed

Plastic juice cups (any brand)

Miniature ornaments

Fake snow

Elmer's glue for the snow

Hot glue to attach ornaments

Hot glue gun


1. Clean the juice cups.

2. Put Elmer's glue to the inside of the juice cup until the walls are white with glue. Take the fake snow and pack the inside of the cup so that the snow will adhere the walls.

3. Have a paper plate or waxed paper underneath to catch the snow when you empty the juice cup. The snow should adhere to the walls. If not, put the glue where it didn't cover the cup.

4. Get your ornaments in place where you want them in the cup. You can buy those miniature ornaments at any craft store.

5. Clear a space and get your hot glue ready and just slightly put a dab or two of hot glue and put your ornaments in their selective place.

Tips and Tricks

  • They are cute without any string and will be a great decoration for a end table or centerpiece

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