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Thanksgiving Toothpick Holders

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By Natalie Cardinal

Thanksgiving Toothpick Holders

Thanksgiving Toothpick Holders

Name of Project

Thanksgiving Toothpick Holders

Pilgrim Hat or Turkey

Ages This Project is Suitable For

Most ages

Approximate Time Required to Complete This Project

10-15 minutes (not drying time)

Materials Needed

Small Terra Cotta Pots

Paints ~ Black, Yellow, Brown

For Turkey ~ Feathers , Felt (Brown, Yellow, Orange & Red) & eyes

Tooth picks


Pilgrim Hat- Paint Pot Black all over, even inside.

Paint a Band in white just under the rim of the pot ( belt)

Then add a yellow Square in front ( buckle)

When it's dry fill with toothpicks & add it to the dinner table

Paint pot Brown All over, inside too.

Cut felt into a Head shape for turkey & glue to the inside of the rim .

Decorate the head~

add a beck, a tiny piece of yellow of felt cut into a triangle

Add a waddle on the side of the beck. Cut into a tear drop shape

Add eyes on each side of the head

Cut 2 feet (claws) made 2 big letter "W" s & place in front

Glue feathers on the inside of the rim on the other side of the head

Tips and Tricks

  • Let the kids paint the pots & you can go back & touch them up.
  • For a quick jobs, I used my glue gun on a low temp. But you can use a Tacky glue or any thing that turns clear & is safe for kids.
  • Optional ~ Add a clear sealer to keep the paint from scratching off easy

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