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Cup Coasters Made Out of Craft Sticks

Share Your Story: Popsicle or Craft Stick Challenge

By Michelle VanDyke

Cup Coasters Made Out of Craft Sticks

Name of Project

Cup Coasters Made Out of Craft Sticks

Ages This Project is Suitable For

5 +

Approximate Time Required to Complete This Project

Takes up to ten to twenty minutes to make it perfect

Materials Needed

Craft sticks

Tacky glue


Line up ten craft sticks and then glue ten more in the opposite direction on top of the first row. You can stop there or keep on going until you think that it is big enough and strong enough and let dry. Then you can paint it what ever color you would like.

Tips and Tricks

  • you can do about anything that you would like to do to make your project a success.

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