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Readers Respond: Share Your Favorite Collage Projects, Tips, and Supplies

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From the article: How to Make a Collage
What are your favorite collage tips, techniques, projects, and supplies? Share them here and learn from others!

1973 collage

I created my first collage in high school, received an A! I began again in 2002, themes include cars, sports, food/kitchen, personal thoughts. 2012 goal - encourage myself and focus on craft and create a portfolio to see how they are received.
—Guest aqua1954


My latest collage is of things that I'm looking forward to in retirement. I attended a workshop at our local art museum and they had so many wonderful papers and materials to choose from. I chose brown, copper and blue papers and pictures, plus a few words that relate to my goals for retirement... and I am very happy with the results. I framed it to hang in my bathroom above my towel rack where I'll see it everyday.
—Guest Sparkle

collage placemats

Make themed collages and cover with plastic scrapbook covers and use for the kids. You can make them for holidays or for things the kids need to learn for school or pix of distant family to help them remember grandma and cousins.
—Guest ann hallett

themes are best

I have been collaging for years - it's my favorite type of crafting. I usually collect pictures/articles etc on one topic -my favorite is food/flower themes and when I get the urge I start to wk, my best one was a theme of roses - it took me 1 month to finish - it was worth it - it now hangs in my bedroom
—Guest suzi

themed collage

I am a freshman in highschool, and we have to do a project and I chose the French Revolution. I am going to make a collage out of different things that happened, like women rioting for bread. But you can make a collage out of your favorite ideas like flowers or if its people the ideas are endless.
—Guest Ta'Shandra Bradley

Junk Mail!

I save all the junk magazine and use it to let the kids cut stuff out and glue it down. This is the perfect rainy day activity. They feel crafty but you're not having to buy stuff or worry about directions.
—Guest Robin

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