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Readers Respond: Share Your Cleaning Tips for Crafting With Kids

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If you have a special way to help clean up after crafting or how to keep things cleaning during crafting, please take a moment to share your tip. Also take some time to read tips shared by others.

Clean up tips for kids crafting

Most of our crafts are done in the kitchen but many of our craft supplies are 'downstairs' due to storage space. I keep a medium sized basked with a handle on it , for carrying the supplies up to be used and down after crafting is over , supplies cleaned and ready to be carried downstairs again.
—Guest Alice

Clean up tips for kids crafting

While my granddaughters are painting, they each have beside them old wet washclothes to dab there fingers on when things get messy - and they each have a folded up rag beside them to 'dab' the 'overloaded' paint brushes. Easy for them and better for me !!
—Guest Alice

Cleaning Tips for Crafting with kids

BEFORE starting a messy craft, I use an old flat bedsheet folded in half and put it on the table. It does not matter if it gets paint on it, or glue or marker. Wash it 'sometimes' - clean up is simple !
—Guest Alice

Baby wipes not just for bottoms

I keep a tub of baby wipes nearby to keep little hands clean and for easy wipe up of spills when working with glue and paint.
—Guest Grandma Shelley

Use A Cafeteria Tray

When I am cutting paper or using lots of tiny objects, working over a nice big plastic cafeteria tray makes clean-up a snap.

Use an Oil Cloth

I just bought a cheap oil cloth at the dollar store and put that down before crafting. Easy cleanup -- just wipe it all away with a sponge.

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