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Readers Respond: How Do You Display Your Child's Arts and Crafts?

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From the article: How to Display Kids Artwork
What do you do with all of the finished art and craft projects your child makes? Do you display them in a special way, give them as gifts, or do something else with them? Share your ideas and find out what others do.


My daughter-in-law frames the artwork and displays them in various places. They fit right in and are fun to see!
—Guest Rose

shrink art collage

I saw a design show where the designer took kids art and printed it onto shrink plastic/Shrinky Dinks and put all of the squared of shrunken art projects and framed them in one big collage frame. What a great gift idea for parents or even the kids too!
—Guest Christin

Art Museum Wall

We have a wall dedicated to our preschooler's work. She proudly chooses an area to display her new painting. We then frame the painting with the simple borders from left over bulletin boards (she is homeschooled) or we create our own frames. We take down older paintings after a while and create something new (like tear them up or cut them and use them to make stickers or glue onto a paper), give them as gifts, make cards or even sell them online for other crafters to use in their projects or artwork for their walls. After each painting is dry, we make sure to add her name, the date and her age.
—Guest Jennifer

cards and clothesline

I have displayed my kids art work in 2 ways. First I have scanned it and then print them for cards. This is great for Christmas Cards and other special times of year. I also have a thin clothesline hanging up on a wall. I have the mini clothespins and hang their art work there until the line is full, then it is time to take something down and put something else up.
—Guest Robin S.


Refrigerators are great for display because they hold magnets which are easily changed out. So I've thought about what else magnets stick to and my office had my son's art work displayed on the computer tower, file cabinets and sometimes even the white board - when there was room. I should add, my office is in my house. Many work settings would not be appropriate for this. "Hall of Fame" - I love that, Sherri. What a great way to encourage your kids' creativity.
—Guest Eileen

display album

Take a photo of the artwork or put a couple small ones together and put in photo album left out for child to show visitors.
—Guest Vicki

display my kids art work

all of the flat art work get scanned into the computer. Then I have it as the source for my slide show screen saver -- I get to see their work on my computer through out the day. I also like to take pictures of their 3-d stuff - One of my daughters designs her own felt stuffies. We have "photo shoots" with them. Then I add those photos to the art files. It also lets me organize them all by date and artist, so we can remember who did what. I also don't have to worry about the digitized version of their art getting faded, or torn by accident.


I'm getting a cork pinboard, covering it was fabric and pinning the kid's artwork up in the dining room. The fridge door is covered already!
—Guest golondon

The Refrigerator and Special Framing

We keep art on the refrigerator, but I have also had several pieces of artwork my grandchildren created professionally matted and framed for their house or ours.

The Refrigerator Of Course!

We put everything on the refrigerator -- and the freezer in the garage!

Special Frame

We bought a special frame that swings open so that we can easily replace the artwork every week.
—Guest Robin

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