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Readers Respond: Share Your Favorite 10-Minute Crafts

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From the article: 10-Minute Crafts for Kids
Do you have a favorite fast craft project? Share it here and read the projects other people have submitted.

craft teacher, and designer

fast craft, or easy preschool. Use real ice cones, flat work great. Glue Christmas bulb on with hook on top. When dry add a tag. You do not have to treat cone , I have some that are 20 years old and look the same, year after year.
—Guest Janet Wildeboer

Quick Beaded Earrings

I have organized a plastic divided tray with supplies to make a beaded earring in 10 minutes for times when I'm wearing something and I just can't find the right color or I just want something else. I open it and it has in silver and gold tone: the headpins in different sizes, leverbacks, posts and nuts, spacer beads in white, black, silver and gold. Anytime I find two beads I'd love to be wearing, I pull this out and in 10 minutes I am!

Wrapping Paper

Line a large pan, such as that used to collect oil from under a car or a cookie pan, with a sheet of paper (tissue paper, shelf paper, newspaper). Use a spoon to lower a marble into a small cup of paint. When it is covered in paint, carefully lower it into the pan of paper. Roll the pan back and forth, making lines of paint across the paper. Do this again and again, with the same or different paint colors, until you like the way it looks. Let it dry and enjoy. I suggest you use acrylic paint.

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