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Readers Respond: What Is In Your Craft Cupboard?

Responses: 16


What kind of supplies are in your craft cupboard? What is the number one craft supply you can't live without? Also feel free to share any craft products you bought that you have never used.


Thank you. You have all made me feel so good; so good to know there are many others like me. I craft a bit. Want to do more - so I collect and now have a roomful; all kinds of paints, gadgets, paper and what have you. And with re-purposing, all sorts of junk [according to my kids], I'm running out of space in spite of having a 12 x 15 room with custom built cupboards. I just don't seem to be able to resist buying craft items even when I can't really afford it. My worst buy - a brand new embroidery machine; not that the machine is bad - just that I have not used it even once in ten years! Dying with guilt. With all this, am still collecting. Is there a cure for this collecting mania? Hope NOT!
—Guest Pramila

favorite craft items

All. Even if I don't use them. New Year, Make and buy later. Glad I'm not alone, my excuse is love crafts & getting o--er. SJ
—Guest Susan J

My craft cuboard

Everything but the kitchen sink, lol. I am a collector of many things, buttons, vintage jewelry, fabric, fabric, fabric; love to repurpose, recycle, upcycle make new things out old stuff. I use left over clear plastic containers to store my supplies, I like to see what I have on hand at all times. My family calls me a pack rat, and I don't mind. I take stuff to Good Will and then go in and shop, lol. Hope you enjoy my post.
—Guest Sandra Thomas

Crafting staples

I always have (and use) Glue dots and ribbon!! I tend to buy fun ribbon, even if I don't have any use for it!
—Guest Katie


I love just about any kind of crafting toy, like die cut or adhesive machines, scoring board, decorative scissors & punches ... guess I'm a gadget junkie.
—Guest Eileen

A bit of everything

My bedroom is more or less a depot of craft supplies! Paper, card, glue, pens and pencils, scissors, stencils, paint, sewing thread, jewellery stuff, empty toilet rolls and other kitchen containers and boxes, and the list goes on... I'm into cardmaking so I have loads of teabags that I fold into rosettes, plus use of stickers and bits and bobs. Ribbons and buttons....
—Guest Mette Nielsen

my favorite craft items

I couldn't live without my sketch book and pencils. I like to sketch some of my craft ideas before I make them. Also my colored pencils, paint, my glues, and glue gun. I have collected all kinds of odds and ends like small containers that can be recycled,milk jug tops,small items that fell off of something else like a metal leaf off of a candle, really too much too list. Some of it is stuff found in the parking lot when I worked in a home decor/craft store. Plastic,metal,and paper items destined for the trash can. Even artificial flower heads - have a lot of them - the best thing I got for free is card board packing tubes that I made skinny snowmen out of. I probably have 200 of them left since I had someone else collect them for me. Also, I love my little collection of scissors and craft blades. I also have a collection of scrap book stuff I use a lot even though I don't scrapbook.

Glue and Paper!

Alene's tacky glue is a must. It's so good that 30+ years ago my mom used it to glue fabric lace appliques onto her wedding dress, and they are still intact! I use Alene's tacky glue whenever I craft. I love paper -- I have stacks of them that I haven't used yet, but I still keep on buying them when I see patterns or colors that I like!
—Guest littlemisscraft

bits and bobs

i've collected lots of household stuff from wrapping papper to lolly sticks and stuff
—Guest mimi005

Odds and Ends

I keep coffee filters, Popsicle sticks, and craft foam in every color.

Gem Magic

I bought the gem magic machine and extra gems because i thought it was the coolest thing ever! have not used it yet. someday....
—Guest Gail

Every Nook and Cranny

Just about every nook and cranny of our house is filled with my craft supplies. I have a linen closet half filled with fabrics and notions though I haven't sewn in a couple of years. I have polymer clay bead rollers I've never even tried. The rest of my craft stash is pretty well organized and pretty well used ;-)
—Guest Eileen

Can't live withouts ...

This made me smile - I have an entire under stairs cupboard full of things I tell my (much tidier) husband I can't live without. Two sewing machines, a 'craft soldering iron', embroidery floss in various colors, machine embroidery Rayons, piles of organza, Bond-a-Web, Stitch'n'Tear, loads of bits of fabric that "I'll do something great with ... one day", a button box, a thread tin, a ribbon and braid tin, bits of mount board ... and of course boxes of unfinished projects! There are a few things I've only used once, including a 'paper crimper'. Great for card making I expect, but I don't make cards!
—Guest Penguin

A little of this, a little of that

I have painting supplies, fabric, stitching supplies, floss, wood shapes, beads, felt, feathers, bells, yarn, glue, markers, crayons, papers, and on and on - There's all sorts of crafty goodness for whatever I want to create!
—Guest Connie G.

Flotsam, Jetsam & Other Great Stuff

Besides a really big mess? :-) Sponges and a million little pots of paint.

Glue Sticks!

I'm pretty partial to glue sticks. They work. Nearly any age can use them, even little kids. And no mess!
—Guest Robin

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