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Readers Respond: Share Your Creative Volunteer Ideas

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Does your family like to volunteer? Please take a moment to share your ideas about how families can work together, and even use their craft skills, to help others.

Village Planting Day

I find our town's "Village Planting Day" a great opportunity for my family because even my 2-year-old son can make a contribution!
—Guest Kristen

Duduza dolls

My mother started knitting Duduza dolls (comfort dolls) for her eye doctor who took them to Kenya for children who have lost their parents to AIDS. She told me about it, and between us, we have knitted over 500 dolls. I have pictures of the children with their dolls and it is so heartwarming to be able to see some child who may have nothing have something to call their very own.
—Guest Teri Lowe

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