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Readers Respond: Best and Worst Homemade Gift Stories

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From the article: Creative Gift Ideas
Take a moment to share your homemade gift stories. Share the best homemade gift you have ever given or received and also share stories about the worst homemade gifts you have ever given or received. Compare your stories to other people's stories!

Best homemade gift

One time I decided to make my mother a gift for mothers day, so I went down to Micheal's and bought a straw wreath. I then wrapped it in orange yarn (which, by the way, took an hour and a half) and glued on little butterflies and flowers. It's still hanging in the foyer.
—Guest Maria76

Best Friends

My best friend's birthday is April 24 and i head no idea what to get her so now i have to choose from 27, 31, 36, 52, 56, and 84 so I thought to myself and said i will do them all:) :p (from this page: http://familycrafts.about.com/od/giftstomake/tp/HomeMadeGiftIdeas.htm)
—Guest lexi556


I spent three years stitching a intricate cross-stitch of ruby glass for my very special mom-in-law. I could only work on it once in a while. She loved it when I was finally able to give it to her. Sadly, it was destroyed when their house burned down. She now has memory loss and doesn't remember it, but I never have regretted the time and energy I put into it. My mom-in-law is very special and she got to enjoy it for many years.
—Guest Barbara

Pet Photo Album NO LOL!! :-(

A "friend" of mine had moved (not willingly) to a new apartment, and, although cats were allowed, her roommate (that also had a cat) would not allow her to bring hers. So I had agreed to foster the kitty until she could move and take him with her. Garfield really was the sweetest most adorable cat and I knew she missed having him around, so I went down to the local dollar store and bought "props" and even little costumes to dress him up for each month of the year. I took tons of pics and developed the best one photos from my memory card and created her a calendar of adorable pictures of her "beloved" cat for each month. I gave it to her wrapped separately than her other gift - some hair ties in a decorative box - she didn't even look at all of the pics then proceeded to fold the calendar in half - ruining the pictures and shoved it in the much, much too small hair tie box. She never came and got Garfield once she moved & was aloud to have him either. My lesson? "Friends" are overrated!!
—Guest Shirley

The Best Gift I Ever Made!!!

I am 13 years old so naturally I haven't much cash to spend on my mother's gift. So I made her a gift. I bought a cheap wood picture frame from Joann's Fabrics ans Crafts. I took some colored tissue paper and cut it into small squares about 1 in. by 1 in. I placed them on the wood frame in a nice pattern. I used blue and yellow because it made green when the two colors crossed. I mixed Elmer's glue with a little water and brushed it on the tissue so it stuck to the frame nicely. Then, when it was dry, I put a picture of my mom and I in it. I placed it in a box with some of my homemade fudge. I wrapped the box with white computer paper. On one piece of paper I printed a painting from the computer I thought she would like. Then I took a gold pen and decorated the paper. My mom LOVED it!!
—Guest Jacqueline

Best/Worst Handmade Gift

I'm not sure whether this was the best or worst gift I ever made; but I thought it was cute. When my brother and his wife were dating, I knitted a connected glove, so they could hold hands (skin-to-skin) while they walked in the cold WI winter weather.

Worst homemade gift

I spent weeks cross stitching a cat on a sweatshirt only to realize I couldn't figure out how to remove the cross stitch fabric. It was a real dud but I had spent so much time and didn't have anything else. I still regret working on that and if it takes too long, I do not try it!
—Guest Guest Kathy

Holly Hobby Rag Doll

My mom sewed me a Holly Hobby doll when I was 5 She thought it was ugly and almost didn't give it to me. Thank goodness she did, because I LOVED THAT DOLL! I took her to school with me the first day (in kindergarten) and spilled milk on her face. Trying to wipe it off made her face look dirty (grubby hands, I guess). I was practically in tears when I went home. My mom unstuffed her head, washed her face, and then restuffed it. My mom made us matching outfits once, too, long before American Girl dolls did that. I had that doll for years. As an adult, I felt nostalgic, so I ordered the EXACT pattern on eBay. I have yet to make the doll, but looking at the pattern makes me happy.

Best Knitted Hat

I knitted what I thought was one of my best hats for my 4 year old grandson for Christmas a few years back and when he opened it, he threw it behind the Christmas tree.
—Guest ksueb1984

Money Does Grow on Trees

My sister-in-law has Down's Syndrome and loves to go to the dollar stores. For Christmas one year I took a gift box for a shirt and inside the bottom I taped dollar bills in the shape of a Christmas tree. You should have seen her eyes when she opened that box. It was the best $35 I ever spent on a gift for her. She still talks about it.
—Guest Judy

Sweet baby or toddler gift

I made a CD of lullabies in different languages for my niece. I typed up the lyrics and then a translation of each song. I illustrated each page, then inserted it into a sleeve in a photo album. So she had a CD of songs and a custom-made, beautifully illustrated book of lyrics and translations. It was so good, my 13-yr old daughter asked for one for when she has trouble sleeping.

Not Father of the Year

My 10 and 12 year old children made homemade gifts for their absent father only with him sending them back saying he didn't want them. My children are still in therapy for this and MANY father-issues. I got two good kids out of the marriage, but other than that, I married poorly and divorced well.

The eye of the beholder!

I made what I thought were very beautiful candle sconces out of aluminum window screening and copper tubing. I spent quite a bit of time finding the materials and creating them. They were stylish and pretty... I thought. My sister never commented and I never saw them again. Should have kept them for myself!
—Guest Kelly

Disaster Homemade Gift

For my sister, the gourmet cook, I made homemade flavored olive oil. The herbs marinated in the olive oil for a month I think. And I think it would have been a fabulous gift except the bottle didn't seal. The wax didn't seal the top of the decorative bottle and it must have been a mess after shipping. My sister never mentioned it either way... go figure.
—Guest Kelly

High School Granduation Gift

When my niece graduated from high school, I made her a beaded bracelet with her school colors, navy and gold (yes, real gold). I then attached a charm with the year she graduated. It is still her favorite. I have also used this as gifts for teachers and they just love them.
—Guest Trish

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