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Readers Respond: Share Your Creative Thanksgiving Traditions

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Does your family have any unique and creative Thanksgiving traditions? Please share them with us! If it is a craft, please submit it using this this simple form. You can easily share photos of your crafts too.

Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Use your sheet for a table cloth for years to come. Have everyone trace and decorate their hand print on the sheet. Then put the year. Watch as the hand prints get bigger and bigger each year! You can decorate your hand by turning it into a turkey, drawing a picture inside, or just putting the name and date. I have hand prints of my father, who passed away. Also, my husbands grandmother. It is special to have these memories! I use a clear tablecloth to cover my sheet so it doesn't get any stains.
—Guest lisalobato

Thankful Basket

Cut the paper into smaller pieces. It it easier to fit into a basket without overflowing. When each guest walks into the house, hand them a piece of paper and pen, and ask them to write down what they are thankful for this year. Then put it back into the basket. After dinner, gather everyone into the same room and have everyone draw a thankful note from the basket. Start at the basket and read aloud. Work your way around the room, reading aloud. This is the only time in the whole year that you will have your entire family in the same room, with one person talking, and everyone listening!

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