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Decoupage Tips and Hints

Tips to Help You Learn How to Decoupage


Decoupage Tips and Hints

Decoupage Tips and Hints

Learn even more about decoupage by reading through these tips. Some of these have been mentioned before, either in the supply list or the step-by-step directions but they are important enough to repeat here. If you have a useful tip, please share it with us and it could be posted here.

  • Submitted by Eileen: "I have used Inkjet printed material on my projects. You must first let the ink dry, then spray it with cheap hairspray. It sets the ink and then you can use the print. Make sure both are completely dry before using the your medium."

  • Decoupage can get messy. Keep a damp cloth nearby to wipe up extra glue and keep fingers clean.

  • Be patient and let each layer of decoupage medium dry completely before applying the next layer.

  • While decoupage is known as a 'cutting' craft, sometimes you might want to tear your pictures instead of cutting them. Torn edges lay a little flatter and blend a little better.

  • Do not try to decoupage pictures printed from an ink jet printer. The ink will smudge and run. Instead, print out the desired picture and photo copy it.

  • Consider making photo copies of photographs and other original papers so you can save the original.

  • It you are using pictures on thicker paper, such as photos or greeting cards, give your decoupage project plenty of time to dry.

  • Use a utility knife to cut pictures with detailed edges.

  • Make sure the item you will be decoupaging is free of dust and dirt.

  • When it come to decoupaging on plastic, experiment before you commit. For rougher surfaces the pictures should adhere okay but take a little longer to dry. If the surface is very smooth, consider roughing it up with a little sandpaper.

  • If you are going to decoupage on a surface that was recently painted, make sure the paint has dried completely. If you feel any tackiness or can see an imprint of your finger if you press on it, it is not dry enough.

  • Watch for bubbles as your pictures dry. If one forms, use a pin or utility knife to pop it and then use your fingers to smooth it down. I have also read where you can try wetting the paper first, before you stick it to the decoupage medium. I have never tried this so I can't talk from experience though.

If you have a great tip, take a minute to submit it here using this simple form.

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