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How to Make Personalized Towels


follow these directions, shared by a visitor named Tiffany, and you can make personalized hand towels using a child's hand print. Have each child make a towel that they can use or have them make one to give as a gift to their parents or grandparents.

Materials Needed:

  • Hand towels
  • Fabric paint
  • Disposable plate

1. Put the fabric paint in a disposable plate and smear the paint around.

2. Depending on how many children's hand prints you want to get onto one towel, fold the towel like you would to hang it up or in half so that you have plenty of room to put the hand prints and still be able to see them once you hang the hand towel up on the towel rod.

3. Take your child's hand and smear it and press it down into the paint.

4. Place child's hand over the hand towel and press hard making sure to press the palm area down and each finger individually.

5. Lift hand straight up making sure not to smear the paint around.

6. If you need to, you can touch up the hand print using the tip of the paint bottle to fill in empty spaces or spaces that are faint.

7. I wrote each of my children's names next to the hand print and dated the top of the towel.

It takes approximately 24 hours for the paint to dry completely and then the towel can be washed 72 hours later.

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