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How to Etch Glass

Page 1: Gather Your Glass Etching Supplies


How to Etch Glass

How to Etch Glass

Believe it or not, etching glass can be fairly simple! Use these guidelines and suggested supplies to make a variety of decorative items.

Start out by gathering all the supplies you need.

  • Pattern - You might want to start with one that does not have a lot of small detail. Clip art and coloring books are wonderful sources for patterns.

  • Glass - Any glass object or mirror will do. You can use jars, drinking glasses, etc. It might be wise to practice on an old jar before trying a window or mirror!

  • Window Cleaner - Always start with a clean surface.

  • Contact Paper - Clear or plain, white works best. You can also make simple stripes using masking tape, etc.

  • Carbon Paper - Used to trace your pattern onto the contact paper.

  • Utility Knife - Used to cut your pattern out of the contact paper.

  • Etching Cream - You should be able to find some at your local craft store, or you can buy it online!

  • Foam Brush - Used to apply etching creme. Might also be able to use paper towels. Read the manufacturer's suggestion for your etching creme to see what is suitable.

  • Latex Gloves - To protect your hands from the acid in the etching creme. it is also a good idea to wear eye protection and a long sleeve shirt.

Once you have gathered all these supplies you are ready to begin...

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