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Pumpkin Passing Game

Easy Halloween Party Game


Give the traditonal game of musical chairs a bit of a Halloween twist and then some!

Materials Needed:

  • Mini Pumpkins
  • Music
  • Paint or Markers

There are no losers in this game if you make sure you have enough mini pumpkins for everyone! As each player gets 'out', give them a small pumpkin and let them go to a designated area and decorate it using markers or paint.

This game is played the same way as 'Hot Potato'. Everyone who is playing sits or stands in a circle. Start the music and start passing a small pumpkin around the circle. If you have quite a few people, you can pass 2 or more pumpkins at a time.

The pumpkin travels around the circle of people until the music suddenly stops. The person who is holding the pumpkin when the music stops is 'out' and leaves the circle.

Start the music and pumpkin passing again and continue until there's only one person left.

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