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Halloween Feel Box Game

How to Make a Halloween Feel Box Party Game


Halloween Feel Box Game

Halloween Feel Box Game

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Try this simple Halloween feel box game. This is a fun, easy, and sometimes gross Halloween party or classroom game.

Using cardboard (can be from empty cereal boxes and such), divide the inside of a large box into 4 pieces (or however many desired). Cut holes in the sides of the box - these should be big enough for a hand but not big enough to see inside. Put something (ideas below) into each section of the box and have the children put their hands in the holes and try to guess what is in it just by feeling it.

My ideas for items to place inside box:

  • Damp, Course Sponge - Brains
  • Twisted Chenille Stems - Spider
  • Pretzel Stick - Petrified Rat Tails
  • Dried Apricots - Dried-up Tongues
  • Spiderwebs
  • Cooked, Cold Spaghetti Noodles - Worms
  • Cooked, Cold Spaghetti Noodles - Veins
  • Peeled Grapes - Eyeballs
  • Fake Fur
  • Tines of a Plastic Fork - Vampire Teeth
  • Soft Flour Tortilla - Skin (can add a little oil)
  • Feed Corn - Teeth
  • Corn Husk Silk - Hair
  • Slime

Idea from Valerie:

  • Baby dill pickles with pistachio shells pushed into the tip for witches fingers.
  • Over-cooked rice with raisins in cooking oil to feel like rotting maggots and bugs.
  • Mango slices in pudding feel like tongues in curdled blood.
  • Lasagna noodles cooked and put in cooking oil feels like skin.
  • Olives in cooking oil feels like cat eyeballs.
  • Pumpkin filling mixed with mini marshmallows feels like brains when mixed.

Beside making a feel box, Valerie suggests covering these items in bowls and have the kids put their hands in and feel the body parts. They get so grossed out but have a blast.

Idea from Cam:

  • Raisins covered in applesauce makes boogers, the apple sauce is the snot and makes it all lumpy and snotty.

Idea from Richard:

  • For an especially scary box - leave the box empty but make a hole in the back. When they put their hand in to feel for the scary surprise. Reach in and grab their hand.

Ideas from Michelle Thomas:

  • Large olives for eyeballs
  • Boiled head of cabbage for a brain
  • Marshmallows with some oil for guts
  • Raisins for witches warts

Ideas from Boo:

  • Bread dough with oiled tortilla on top - Skin
  • Cocktail onions - Eyes
  • Dried apple slices - Ears
  • Cooked thick spaghetti and vermicelli noodles oiled - Veins
  • Blanched, peeled tomato - Heart
  • Lil Smokies with pistachio shell fingernails - Fingers

Ideas from Suzanne:

"I used my husbands rubber fishing worms, washed them up then put a little olive oil on them. Also, sticky rubber eyeballs from target and floured them so they wouldn't stick together."

Ideas from Cathy in FL:

  • Pearl Onions - Eye Balls
  • Little Smoky sausages -- Cut Off Fingers
  • Baby Carrots - Cut Off Fingers
  • Small Peeled Potatoes Stuck Together with Chenille Stems - Spiders

Ideas from Naidi in England:

  • Pumpkin Guts - Guts and Blood
  • Popped Popcorn - Cockroaches

Ideas from 'A Person' in the US:

  • Peeled Tomatoes - Heart
  • 5 Baby Carrots - Fingers

Ideas from Anke in Ireland:

  • Cooked, twisted pasta - Intestines
  • Small sticks - Bones (broken bones)
  • Peeled, hard-boiled eggs - Hearts

Ideas from PJ in Japan:

  • Tofu - "It's very disgusting, and the imagination kind of runs wild with what it might be. I had several people gagging."

Ideas from S-in-MS:

  • Overcooked rice in olive oil - maggots

Ideas from Betty in Canada:

  • Limp, slightly warm, oily cabbage leaves - skin

Ideas from Linda in SC:

  • Thick, peeled, sliced pickles - frog hearts

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