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Homemade Costume Ideas

Free, Creative Costume Ideas and Patterns


Homemade Costume Ideas

Costume Ideas

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Costumes are a big part of most people's Halloween celebrations and Halloween will be here before you know it. Do you have any idea of what your Halloween costume will be?

If you have your costume picked out already, share your ideas with everyone using this simple form! If you are still trying to find costume ideas, give some of these creative ideas a try; find easy and inexpensive homemade ideas for everyone! Don't forget about the Family Crafts Halloween Costume Photo Gallery... You can submit photos to be included by following these simple directions.

First of all, if you waited until the last minute to figure out what costume you will wear, check out these ideas:

  • Fast and Simple Costumes
    Here are several last minute costume ideas you can make with items you possibly have lying around your house.

You can make other Halloween costumes out of a variety of items you may already have at home:

  • Cardboard Box Costumes
    Explore a large collection of dress-up ideas you can make using cardboard boxes.

  • Sweatsuit Costumes
    Browse through a wide variety of disguises you can make using a simple sweatsuit.

  • Thrift Store or Recycled Costumes
    Learn how you can make costumes by recycling clothing and other items you either have in your closet right now or can easily find at a local thrift or second-hand store.

You can also select a Halloween costume to make based on how it is made. I have two different listings:

  • Costumes to Sew
    You will find a variety of fun patterns for both avid sewers or beginners.

  • No-Sew Costumes
    If you can't sew, there are no worries! Check out these costume ideas you can make without a needle and thread.

If you prefer to browse through all the costume ideas by theme:

  • Animal and Creature Costumes
    Find a variety of creature related ideas including dogs, cats, bugs, dragons, and more.

  • Edible Items Costumes
    Included in this costume collections are directions to make hot dogs, boxes of popcorn, deviled eggs, cotton candy, and more more food related disguises.

  • Inanimate Objects Costumes
    Learn how to make a basket full of laundry, a bird nest, a transformer, a flower garden, and much more.

  • People Costumes
    Find a variety of creature related costume ideas including an astronaut, a princess, a babe magnet, a hippies, and many more.

  • Popular Characters Costumes
    Check out all these creative costumes made to look like famous characters from television, movies, books, and more.

  • Scary Characters Costumes
    Find more classic scary ideas such as vampires and mummies, but also unique scary costumes such as a cereal killer and a head on a silver platter.

  • Unique Halloween Costumes
    These costume you just have to see to believe. The unique ideas here include everything from bulldozers and claw video games to a Twister game and used Q-tips.

  • Costumes Based on Children’s Books (from Liz @ Children's Books)
    If you or your child has a favorite children's book, check out these unique ideas.

If you need a costume for more than one person, consider some of these suggestions:

  • Costumes for Couples
    These ideas should help spark your creativity whether the Halloween costumes are for a couple, a parent and child, or siblings. If you prefer to browse through ideas by category, check out this collection.

  • Costumes for Groups
    Most of these Halloween costume ideas can be used by anywhere from 1 to 10+ people. If you prefer to browse through ideas by category, check out this collection.

Finally, if you have your costume picked out, but a need to add a special finishing touch, try some of these:

For much more Halloween fun, such as Halloween crafts, recipes, games, and other activities, make sure you check out this Halloween Index.

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