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How to Create a Story Sack

Find Out How to Make a Story Sack to Help Encourage Kids to Read More


How to Create a Story Sack

How to Create a Story Sack

You may be asking, what is a 'Story Sack'? It's simply a bag or sack of some sort, which contains a story book along with related craft ideas, games, and other fun activities.

Why would you want to make one? What better way to get a child interested in reading than by getting them involved with the story in the book. Imagine the fun of not only reading about the characters of the story but also making related puppets or other crafts, playing a related game, wearing a costume, and more.

This is a fun way for parents and children to read stories together. Grandparents, teachers, childcare providers, babysitters and any one else who spends time with children will also find these useful!

So, now do you want to make a Story Sack? Read on...


  1. Start With a Bag
  2. Picking a Story
  3. Filling Your Story Sack
  4. Story Sack Idea Index


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