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Instructions for making a fun math game using an empty film container, shared by CALKINS2.

Materials Needed:

  • Film Container
  • 10 Beans
  • Paint
  • Misc Items to Decorate Container

Let the kids decorate the film container. My thoughts are to add wiggly eyes and some felt to make feet, arms, and a hat. Have available lace, material scraps, and other desired craft items.

Paint the beans with one color on one side and the other side with another color. Let the paint dry and then place the beans in the film container.

To play the game:
Place the lid on the container or your hand over the top, gently shake up the beans, and then dump them out. Separate the beans by color abd create an addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problem using the given numbers. Example: 3 red beans + 7 blue beans = ?.

Excellent way to practice math. You can also have your students estimate how many times a certain problem will be rolled out of 10 shakes. Create fractions from the bean numbers rolled: 4 red beans and 6 blue beans = 4/6. Can it be reduced? Many options with this game!

Have fun. I bet your students could come up with some cute ways of using them as you start their creative juices flowing.

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