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First Aid Kit Necklace Craft

How to Make a First Aid Kit Using a Film Container


Film Container First Aid Kit
Sherri Osborn
Instructions for making a tiny first aid kit necklace using an empty film container, shared by MARY269.

Materials Needed:

  • Film Container
  • Yarn or Ribbon
  • First Aid Supplies (see below)

Put holes in the sides of the film container, and attach a long piece of yarn or ribbon to go around the neck. You can also poke a hole in lid to feed the yarn or ribbon through. Tie the yarn into a knot so you can wear it around your neck.

Fill the film container with first aid supplies such as a small packet of antiseptic wipe or alcohol, band-aids, safety pin, small wrapped hard candy, and money for a phone call. Include a piece of paper with important phone numbers.

As a finishing touch, you can paint a red cross on the outside with nail polish or cut a cross out of whit contact paper.

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