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Recycled Desk Set Craft

Make Desk Top Organizers by Recycling Household Junk


Recycled Desk Set

Recycled Desk Set

Sherri Osborn
Use these suggestions, shared by a visitor named Angie Jane, to make a variety of functional containers that you can use to hold your office supplies. Make them for an office desk or to hold classroom supplies.

Materials Needed:

First, make certain that the containers you are going to use are empty and clean. Then decide which containers would work best for your office supplies. For example, a frozen juice can would make a good pen and pencil holder. A cereal box is the perfect size for holding papers. Smaller boxes, such as a box from tea bags, are good for holding paper clips and other smaller office supplies.

To decorate, place the containers on the wrapping paper. Cut enough wrapping paper to cover the container. Leave enough extra paper to tuck in or fold over the edges into the container. Carefully glue the paper to the container. You can also paint the containers. Paint the wooden beads and glue them to the bottom of the containers. Use chalkboard paint or Con-Tact paper to add a label on the front of your office supplies.

Allow plenty of time for the glue and paint to dry before using your new desk organizers.

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