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How To Paper Mache

Learn How to Paper Mache and Find Free Projects and Recipes


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You probably have everything you need to create masterpieces lying around your home right now, both in the recycling bin and the kitchen cupboards.

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How To Paper Mache

Did you know that you can create pretty much anything using Paper Mache techniques?

Discover how easy it is by using the instructions and resources I provide here. One of my favorite things about paper mache is that you probably have everything you need to create masterpieces lying around your home right now, both in the recycling bin and the kitchen cupboards. Start out by making a base for your project, then whip up a batch of glue and you are ready to start crafting.

Make a Base Form
Learn how you can easily create forms for your paper mache projects. You can actually use supplies as simple as cardboard and masking tape to design almost anything! For rounder, hollow shapes you can use balloons. You can use many items around your house as a base form. Create a Form...

Paper Mache Paste and Pulp Recipes
There are a variety of recipes available for making paste and pulp. Browse through this collection of recipes and choose the one that is right for you. Experiment and have fun. You may discover that different recipes are better for different projects. Find Recipes...

Step-By-Step Directions
Following these step-by-step instructions, people of all ages can enjoy paper mache. The steps you need to follow to create amazing masterpieces are fairly simple. Items of all shapes and sizes can be made using this crafting method; and best of all, no special supplies are needed from a fancy craft store. Find Simple Step-By-Step Directions...

Project Ideas
You will discover almost anything can be created using paper mache. You can make your own jewelry, vases, bowls, masks, pinatas, or even furniture. My neighbor once used paper mache techniques to make an 8-foot tall knight in shining armor. You are only limited by your imagination. Find Projects...

Photo Gallery
Take some time to browse through photos of paper mache crafts made by visitors just like you! You can add your photos to this gallery too, all you need to do is submit your photos using these simple directions.   Look At The Photos...

Paper Mache Terms Glossary
Next time you are not sure what a word means when your reading about paper mache, check out this list of terms commonly used.   Learn the terms...

Tips and Hints
Make your next project more successful using these tips and hints. If you have a great paper mache tip, take a moment to share it with us and it could be posted here. Read the Tips and Hints...

Related Books
While this article is devoted to teaching you how to paper mache, I thought I would share some interesting books you can buy to help get you started and keep you going. These books provide you with many ideas for using paper mache techniques and supplies to make a variety of creative projects.   Explore the books...

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