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Paper Mache Paste Recipes

Learn How to Make Paper Mache Paste for Your Project


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Make Paper Mache Paste

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When you want to learn how to paper mache, you will need first need to figure out your base form. Just as important as that, though, is the kind of paste you will use.

There are many different options available for both paper mache paste and pulp. No one option is better than another or the 'right' recipe. Just use the recipe that works best for you. This may change depending on what you are making.

Start out by checking out these different paste recipes:

No-Cook Paste Recipe
This is the recipe I usually use mainly because it is so simple and I always have the ingredients in my cupboard. You can also try the no-cook recipe shared in this how-to video.

Cooked Paste Recipe
This paste recipe is very similar to the no-cook but it is supposed to be a little stronger and is usually a little smoother.

Resin Paper Mache Paste Recipe
You will have to go shopping to buy resin powder to make this paste. It will give your finished paper mache project a hard finish and will also make your finished projects more durable.

There are a few other things you can use as a paste for your project:

  • Experiment with liquid starch (undiluted).
  • Use wallpaper paste. Follow the directions from the manufacturer to mix this paste.
  • You can use regular white glue mixed with a bit of water. Mix using about 1 part water with 2-3 parts glue. I use this mixture if I have a small project.

For small items, intricate details, and even some sculpting, try using one of these paper mache pulp recipes. These are more like a thin clay and should be used as a final layer simply by spreading in on your project. These are not used as glue, but in place of it:

I hope you take some time to try out several of the options I present here. With a little experimentation, you will find your favorite recipe in no time.

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