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April Holidays in 2013
Long list of April holidays and special days celebrated in 2013.

By popular request, here is a long list of all of the special days celebrated in April 2013. If you prefer, you can explore April's special days by date. If you are interested in free, printable calendars, you can find them on this page. If you want to be one of the first to know when more holidays and other craft projects are posted, take a few moments to sign up for the Family Crafts Newsletter.

Month Long Observances

Week Long Observances

April 1st

April 2nd

April 3rd

April 4th

April 5th

April 6th

April 7th

April 8th

April 9th

April 10th

April 11th

April 12th

April 13th

April 14th

  • Reach as High as You Can Day

  • Titanic Struck The Iceberg
    Shortly before midnight on April 14, the ship collided with an iceberg causing the ship to sink at 2:20 AM on April 15.

April 15th

April 16th

April 17th

April 18th

April 19th

April 20th

April 21st

  • Kindergarten Day
    The first kindergarten was founded by Friedrich Froebel in Germany in 1837.

April 22nd

April 23rd

April 24th

April 25th

April 26th

  • Arbor Day
    Usually the last Friday of April. Celebration dates may vary from state to state.

  • Hug a Friend Day

  • National Pretzel Day

April 27th

April 28th

April 29th

  • Zipper Day
    Modern zipper invented by Gideon Sindback in 1917.

April 30th

  • National Honesty Day
    George Washington inaugurated as first US president in 1789.

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This information is correct to the best of my knowledge. These dates are collected from many online and offline resources. Please do not email me asking me for more info about a date - All the information I have is posted here.

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