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Hairball Costume

Free Halloween Costume Pattern and Instructions


Find out how to make this simple yet creative Halloween costume. Follow these directions and you can dress up as a hairball.

Materials Needed:

  • Sweatsuit
  • Felt
  • Safety Pins
  • Unwanted Wigs or Furry Yarn
  • Glue
  • Pillows
  • Belt
  • Black Eyeliner

A tan sweatshirt works great, but you can wear any color you want your cat body to be. This works best if the sweatshirt is a size or two bigger than what you would usually wear.

For this costume, you start out by dressing up as a cat. You can cut a tail out of felt and use a safety pin to attach it to the back of the sweatpants. If your sweatshirt has a hood, you can cut ears out of felt and safety pin them to the hood. If your sweatshirt does not have a hood you can make this cat ear headband using felt or paper. Use black eye liner or face paint and make yourself whiskers and a black nose.

To make the hairball part of this costume, cover the stomach, back, and sides of the sweatshirt with hair from unwanted wings. Glue the hair all over and let the glue dry. If you prefer you can use furry yarn instead of wig hair. When you put on the sweatshirt, use a few pillows to stuff it so it looks round like a ball. Use a belt around the bottom of the sweatshirts to keep the pillows in place.

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