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Before You Buy A Craft Kit


If you are buying a craft kit for yourself, it will be easy to pick out a kit you want to try; however, what about picking out a kit for someone else? Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for a special craft kit for a special person, or even for yourself.

Favorite Things

Of course, we all want to make sure we buy something the recipient will enjoy. If you know what kind of crafting they enjoy, such as candle making, then the choice is more obvious. If the person doesn't necessarily have a favorite type of craft, how about picking something that includes some of their favorite characters, animals, etc! This is a great idea for kids especially!

Check the Age Guidelines

If you are buying a craft kit for a child, the first thing you should do is check the label to see what ages the kit is suggested for. Although the ages listed are given as a general guideline, they are given for several reasons, including safety considerations.

What's Included

A craft kit might be useless to the recipient if it doesn't include everything needed to complete the projects. The box should include a list of what is included in the kit. For example, a lot of times a kit will include everything but glue; in this case, you might want to purchase some glue to go with the kit or at least check to make sure there is glue available to the recipient.

The Cost

You should weigh the cost of a kit against the cost of purchasing the supplies separately. In a lot of instances, a kit will be the way to especially when it comes to trying a new craft. Buying all the supplies separately usually costs more in not only money but also time! When buying a craft kit, some of the cost does pay for the convenience of having all the supplies gathered for you.

Any Warnings?

Some supplies given in the kit might be dangerous, especially for young kids; they may have sharp edge or small parts. You want to make sure the items in the kit are non-toxic and check to see if there is a warning about fumes from glue or paint. Also, adult supervision is almost always suggested.
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