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Christmas Gift Costume

Homemade Halloween Costume Idea


Find out how to make this simple yet creative Halloween costume, follow these directions submitted by Jolene and you can dress up as a Christmas gift.

Materials Needed:

  • Appropriate-Sized Cardboard Box
  • Gift wrap
  • Ribbons and/or Bows
  • Tape
  • Any other items you use to decorate your gifts

You need to find a box that will fit over whomever is going to wear it and they should have free movement of their arms and legs. Cut holes in sides of the box for the arms to fit through. Cut the bottom out of the box for the legs to fit through. The shorter the box is, the easier it is to walk! Cut a round hole in top of box for the head to fit through. Wrap the box as you would a Christmas gift. Be generous when taping the cut sections by the holes in the box so the paper won't rip. Also embellish the box with ribbons, bows, and anything else you want.

Now, simply slip the box on (you can wear regular street clothes or just a dark outfit). You can even add a matching bow on top of your head.

Suggestions from Carter Hoale: To dress up as a present, find a colorful dress and try to use make-up that matches the colors in the dress. Curl your hair, put it up in a ponytail, and tie ribbons in your hair. Incorporate wrapping paper into your costume, be creative!

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