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The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Costumes

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Jane Seiler made these costumes for all of her family members.
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Costumes

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Costumes

Submitted by Jane Seiler
"Hi, my name is Jane, and I have never gotten over Halloween. I have included a photo of my husband, kids, and I dressed as various characters from the movie The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. I started the costumes about 5 weeks before Halloween and was working on them until the very last minute before we walked out the door to trick or treat. I made all of the costumes by hand right down to the vests, jackets, and hand dying the tights. I had a pattern for the red coat, but I had to make the kids' coats without a pattern because I couldn't find one that small. The props, such as the glasses and mustache, were store bought. We were all quite pleased with the end results, unfortunately not too many people could identify us (apparently the movie is only a classic to our family). Thanks."

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