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How to Make Marbled Easter Eggs

Decorating and Coloring Your Easter Eggs


How to Make Marbled Easter Eggs

Marbleized Easter Eggs

Sherri Osborn
Follow the directions shared here and you can color your Easter eggs using food coloring and whatever cooking oil you may have in your cupboard.

  • Age Guideline: 3 Years and Up
  • Time Required: 30 minutes (Does not include drying time)

The above age and time guidelines are estimates. This project can be modified to suit other ages and may take more or less time depending on your circumstances.

Materials Needed:

In a coffee cup or similar sized container, mix about 20 drops of food coloring with 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Add 1/2 cup room temperature water, then add 1 tablespoon of oil. You can add more or less food coloring to get the desired shade.

Repeat the steps above to make different colors. Experiment with mixing colors. Mix red and blue to get purple, and mix red and yellow to make orange! If necessary, you can add a bit more water so an egg dipped into the dye is completely submerged.

Gently lower eggs in the cup. The longer you leave the eggs in the dye, the darker the colors will be. Once the egg reaches the desired color, remove from the cup with a spoon and set a paper towel to dry. Your eggs should end up colored in some spots with white streaks in others. If you want, color the eggs first and then dip them into the dye with oil. I ended up with better results if I kept the egg moving in the colored oil water than when I just let it sit... Experiment to see what works best for you.

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