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Horse Costume

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See a photograph of a paper mache hat that looks like a horse, made by Stewart and submitted by Sue.
Horse Costume
Submitted by Sue
From Sue, who is from Cairns, Australia - "My partner, Stewart Jennings, made this Horse Hat for a Melbourne Cup Day Hat Competition at his work. I made the matching silks for him from an old shirt.

He used a very runny paste of plain flour and cold water. The form was made of corrugated cardboard and masking tape. It was painted with leftover acrylic house paints. The eyelashes were cut from cardboard and glued on. The eyes were purchased from a craft store and helped to keep the eyelashes in place. I made the mane from wool, glued on. The reigns were an old handbag strap, attached to the horse with two metal rings.

He won the competition."

If you want to learn more about how to paper mache, read this informative article, and then you can submit photos of your project using these simple directions.

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