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Homemade Halloween Costumes

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If you are looking for inspiration for a homemade Halloween costume or just want to check out photos of homemade costumes, browse through the collections shared here. You can also send in photos of your costumes no matter what time of year it is. To have your idea featured in one of these collections, just follow these simple directions.

Animals and Creature Costumes

Homemade Animals and Creature Costumes
You can find many homemade costumes that are fashioned after farm yard animals, pets, bugs, and so much more. You may even find a mythical creature or two.

Famous Character Costumes

Homemade Famous Character Costumes
If you want to dress up as a famous character from television, movies, and books, check out all of these ideas.

Inanimate Object Costumes

Inanimate Object Costumes
This is a collection of fun, homemade Halloween costumes made to look like a variety of inanimate items. There are costumes made to look like video games, vehicles, and much more.

People Costumes

Homemade People Costumes
Browse through an assortment fabulous costumes designed to look like people of all shapes and sizes; although, not all of them are what you would consider to be real people.

Scary Costumes

Scary Costume
Take a look at the creative and scary Halloween costumes in this collection. All of them are homemade, and most were submitted by visitors just like you.

Cardboard Box Costumes

Cardboard Box Costume
This collection of homemade costumes will amaze you. Check out the unique costumes that can be created when you start with a simple cardboard box.

Sweatsuit Costumes

Homemade Sweatsuit Costumes
All of the costumes in this collection of photos can be made using a simple sweatsuit. I am willing to bet you will be impressed in what you see here.

Thrift Store - Recycled Costumes

Thrift Store and Recycled Costumes
Browse through all of these homemade costumes and then dig through your closet or visit a nearby thrift store and make one for yourself.

No-Sew Costumes

No-Sew Costumes
If you want to make your own costumes but don't want to have to sew one, check out all of these no-sew options.

Costumes to Sew

Costumes to Sew
If you have some sewing skills and don't mind using them, or if you just want to practice your sewing skills, browse this collection of costume ideas.
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