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The Art of Gift Wrapping

50 Inovative Ideas Using Organic, Unique, and Uncommon Materials

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The Art of Gift Wrapping

The Art of Gift Wrapping

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Author and boutique owner, Wanda Wen, digs deeper into gift wrapping than many have ever ventured. While many of us may try to get creative when wrapping gifts, Wen definitely transforms ordinary packages into works of art.

Wen shares her seven design principles. Among these are explanations of how to you can mix formal and casual materials together, how to use items in nature, and how to use multiple textures to create a sophisticated package. You can see her principles put into play with the many specific gift wrapping projects shared in this book. You can alo use her principles to create your own unique gift wraps.

You will find a detailed section about gift wrap basics. Wen guides you through different supplies you can use, including many creative and unique alternatives to the usual supplies. She explains how to choose papers, ribbons and trims, and basic gift wrapping tools. She also teaches you how to wrap a variety of shapes and sizes of packages and how to tie a perfect bow and attach unique gift toppers.

Finally, Wen shares three dozen specific gift wrap projects for you to experiment with. These projects are broken down into four categories. The first category is Organic & Natural, which contains gift wrap ideas using pressed flowers, leaves, rocks, and other nature finds. My favorite category is titled Resourceful & Inventive. This section shares ways you can wrap gifts by recycling items you already have. The third category, Eclectic & International, offers gift wrap inspiration from around the world. Finally, the final category covers gift wrap ideas that are Lush & Romantic.

With this book, you will discover how you can make the gift wrapping as memorable as the gift inside of it. Not only can you use the specific projects in this book, you will be inspired to think beyond a roll of store-bought paper and curlicued ribbon and come up with your own creative gift wrap ideas. You will never panic again when you are caught with a gift to wrap and no wrapping paper on hand!

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