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My First Quilting Book

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My First Quilting Book

My First Quilting Book

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I love quilting and sewing so I was excited to check out My First Quilting Book (35 easy and fun quilting, patchwork, and applique projects for children aged 7 years +). I can tell you, it did not disappoint me. Not only would I have loved getting this book when I was a child, I found several projects in it I want to try right now.
All of the projects in this book are divided into 3 chapters. Each chapter has a different theme. Chapter 1 is titled Things For You. It contains 13 personal projects you will enjoy making. You can sew up some fashionable accessories which include a funky Braid Bracelet, a classic Yo-Yo Headband, and an adorable Bunny Brooch. Learn how easy it is to make totes and purses by sewing up a patchwork IPod holder, a fashionable pencil roll, a decorated drawstring bag, and much more.

In chapter number 2, you will find Things For Your Room. There are eleven projects in this chapter that will help you decorate your bedroom and other rooms of your house. You can make a quilt for your bed and an applique cushion. Add some color to your walls by making a patchwork wall hanging or a fabric scrap bunting. Finally, make some useful items such as a jewelry basket, a lavender sachet, and even a toy for your pet.

If you are looking for ideas for Things to Make and Give, make sure you check out chapter 3. You can find fun gifts to make for almost everyone you know. How about whipping up a patchwork purse for mom, a lavender bag for grandma, a notebook cover for a special sister or best friend, and a coffee mug cover for dad? About the only person who isn’t covered in this chapter is a younger brother, but they might not appreciate getting something that is homemade anyway.

Of course, even though the projects are what most people want when they purchase a craft book, there is more to this book that just fun things to sew. Written for kids, the introduction describes what quilting is along with defining patchwork and applique. It explains the different project level ratings in this book, which range from 1 smiley face, which are the shortest and easiest projects, to 3 smiley faces, which are longer and more challenging projects. It also shares a list of basic supplies to keep in your sewing box along with some tips to help you along the way.

Near the end of this book, you will find several pages that teach basic sewing techniques. You will learn how to use the patterns in this book and how to make your own pattern templates. There are also some great tips for working with small pieces of felt that are sometimes hard to cut out and sew. It also shows you how to thread a needle. While this may be basic knowledge to some, others may not know the easiest ways to do it and that there are two different ways to thread a needle.

Included in the basic sewing techniques section of this book, you will also find directions for making all of the stitches you need to complete the projects in this book. All of the projects in this book are sewn by hand, although you could use a machine for many of them if you wanted to (the book does include basic directions for using a sewing machine). Colored illustrations and step by step directions explain how to do a running stitch, a backstitch, a slipstitch, and a straight stitch. There are also instructions for effectively finishing your stitching and sewing on a button. You will also find directions for several decorative stitches you will want to use to add details to your patchwork and applique pieces. These also have colored illustrations to show you how to do them.

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