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How to Make a Craft Kit

Make a Craft Kit for a Special Kid


How to Make a Craft Kit

Make a Craft Kit

You can make your own handy craft kit that you can carry around anywhere and have your craft supplies ready to go at a moments notice. Try using these ideas and then think of some yourself. Pictured here is my craft kit and below are lists of the supplies in my kit plus more ideas.

I started out with a plain plastic 14-inch by 11-inch box I bought for $4.99. I chose this size so paper would fit in it. I then used acrylic paint and stickers to decorate it. I also sprayed clear acrylic sealer over the dried paint so it would last longer, but this is optional. When I outgrew that, I transformed an old suitcase into a fun craft box.

Once I got it decorated, I filled it with my supplies. I decorated empty film containers and a small plastic case with dividers (approx. $1.99) that I had lying around the house. These are handy for holding small items like beads, pom-poms, wiggles eyes, etc.

Use these ideas and resources for creating your own kit:

  • My Craft Kit Supply List
    Here is a list of the supplies I put in my craft kit and the price I paid for each item.

  • More Craft Supply Ideas
    Here are even more craft supply ideas foyou can put in your craft kit.

  • Recyclable Ideas
    Besides buying craft supplies, you can stock your craft kit with household items you might normally throw away or recycle.

Of course, if you don't have the time or desire to make your own craft kit, you can always buy one. For inspiration, check out my recommendations for different craft kits to buy for different ages.

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