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Decoupaged Folding TV Tray

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This is an amazing folding TV tray craft shared by Ginger Keagle from Georgia.
Decoupaged Folding TV Tray

Decoupage Folding TV Tray

Submitted by Ginger Keagle
From Ginger - "I have always enjoyed crafting and this is a project I decided to do because I did not like the way the typical TV tray looks. This folding table belonged to my boyfriend so I had to ask his permission before I did it. The wallpaper was ordered off the internet as wallpaper that is unique is tough to find since most people are using paint to do their walls.

Cut the Wallpaper to fit the top of the table top. I used an Exacto knife and also a template that I made using a poster-board I bought at the grocery store. A precision cut is important when doing any sort of decoupage, so the Exacto knife helps you to trim off any excess. I turned the table upside down and traced the outside onto the poster board so I had a template, then placed the wallpaper on top of the template so I could cut out the table top using a good sharp pair of scissors. I put the Mod Podge on the table top then positioned the wallpaper on top and used a brayer.

Be sure to use the Exacto knife to make sure that the wallpaper does not extend beyond the top of the table prior to placing it and securing it with the Mod Podge. Once you glue it in place with the Mod Podge, it is difficult to trim anything neatly. So, take the time to really make sure you have some clean edges as this will make your finished piece perfect!

After that, I applied 3 coats using a brush onto the top of the table - allowing plenty of drying time in between coats to be sure that it was completely dry.

After that, I used some paint that my boyfriend had left over for the outside of his house on the legs which matched the background color of the Asian Print. Since we are going to use this outside on the screened in porch, it makes a much nicer addition to his home now. Enjoy!"

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